About art

Why invest in art?

Art has always been closely linked to the world's elites. The human need for an artistic view of our world has always been, is and will be one of the foundations of cultural society. People love art because we find values in it that are close to all of us. We like sympathetic non-conformity and the courage to go unexplored paths and even against the trends of contemporary art. That is why we support and invest in art, and not only because it is a very interesting and smart investment with a lot of interesting returns.

Is investing in art profitable? 

Unlike financial products, whose value is not stable and often decreases, it can fall to zero and in the case of derivatives even fall into negative numbers, the images are tangible and their price is not subject to such fluctuations as financial products, which are at best printed banknotes in worse just numbers on the computer. Stocks are just fictitious, often overvalued numbers that periodically rise and collapse again. And when you get a return, you just have to tax it. On the contrary, the paintings bring the owner inspiration, good mood, positive energy or peace of mind every day. The art market is constantly growing and with an annual turnover of over 100 billion pounds (and only in the primary market) is one of the most interesting fields for investing with an annual appreciation of 20-100% and is it worth thinking about? .... :)

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